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The world's first iron bridge was erected over the River Severn here in Shropshire in 1779. This pioneering structure marked a turning point in English design and engineering; after it was built, cast iron came to be widely used in the construction of bridges, aqueducts and buildings. The Iron Bridge's story began in the early 18th century, in the nearby village of Coalbrookdale. Abraham Darby pioneered the smelting of iron using coke, a process that was a catalyst for the Industrial Revolution.

It was Abraham Darby III who cast the ironwork for the bridge that still stands today, using the same techniques developed by his grandfather. The bridge was so successful that it gave its name to the spectacular wooded valley which surrounds it, now recognised as the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.


The National Memorial Arboretum is a British site of national remembrance at Alrewas, Its objective is to honour the fallen, recognise service and sacrifice, and foster pride in the British Armed Forces and civilian community. The idea for the Arboretum was conceived by Commander David Childs CBE in 1988, who wished to establish a national focus or 'centre' for Remembrance to those that had passed after giving to their community or country

Shrewsbury prison
The National Memorial Arboretum,

The Shrewsbury Prison Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time and discover an array of artefacts and documents that vividly portray the prisons' turbulent history.

For many years, Shrewsbury Prison was a place of execution which in older times was carried out in public and drew huge crowds in an unwholesome festive atmosphere. People used to turn up early to make sure they got a good place and posters were produced as souvenirs. Shrewsbury’s last public hanging was on April 9th 1868 when 35-year-old John Mapp was executed for the murder of a nine-year-old girl, just 1 month before the end of public executions in England.


RAF Museum Midlands- Alongside the Aircraft Collection displays are a number of fascinating exhibitions and displays. These include Radar Echoing Models, aircraft, missiles and tanks used in intelligence gathering, Air Gunners, a description of who, what, where, when and how air gunners operated, Prisoners of War, exploring Cosford’s role as a POW reception centre and History of Cosford, a description of Cosford’s role during and since the Second World War.

Oswestry is a friendly and traditional market town. It is well known for its lively street markets, independent shops and year round events.

The British Ironwork Centre is the largest centre in the United Kingdom for decorative metal work. A place for you to not only enjoy our beautiful pieces of art, but to also explore what we have to offer here on site. Renowned for the Knife Angel, Spoon Gorilla and the Manchester Bee, we are also known for our amazing food and beautiful walks. With all this and more to experience, visit us today for a trip like no other!

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